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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  July 3, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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this team, logon to, and get much more on our fit nation challenge. time to get you back to the cnn newsroom for a quick check of your top stories that are making news right now. good morning, folks. another state okays same-sex unions. a milestone, yes. but some are saying some couples are not happy because it falls short of marriage. well, he says he governs better than he can play the guitar. another republican jumped into the race for the president and uses a guitar to do it. haven't we been stuck on 50
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long enough? surely it's time for a 51st state. there's a proposal to create a north and a south california. hello to you all. i am t. j. holmes, live from the cnn center live in georgia. thank you for spending time here with us. we need to get caught up. let's start with the jailhouse phone call. the former chief of the international monetary fund, strauss-kahn, and he headed out of his apartment yesterday, and he is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid, but here is a phone call from his accuser to her boyfriend. >> reporter: they are waiting to see if the case will be dropped altogether. there is new detail about credibility issues involving
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dsks accuser. >> for mr. strauss-kahn's release on his recognizance. >> reporter: a source with knowledge of the investigation tells cnn the da's team got a translation of a phone call recorded in arizona, as first reported in the new york times a. source now tells cnn there was a phone call between the maid and the boyfriend. she says's she's fine and this spern rich and there's money to be made. investigators also discovered several bank accounts in the maid's name in different states, something she did not disclose
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to people on her own. strauss-kahn's attorneys insist he is not a rapist and they want the case dismissed. return to the casey anthony murder trial. now a big day forward, because we're just about an hour before the start of court this morning, and yes, they are in court this morning on a sunday, and they are getting ready for closing arguments. what you are seeing here, a vigil that was set up to remember caylee. animals and flowers set up across the street from where the girl was found. >> makes it more real than what you see on television. >> i followed the trial since they found the baby and everything that happened, and it's heart wrenching, and i
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cannot believe somebody could be so cruel. >> closing arguments are set for just about an hour, and the jury has been saw questered this entire hour. they have been trying to get this thing moving and over with quite frankly. and casey is facing seven charges, including capital murder. we want to update you on a story we first told you about yesterday. an american captain is under arrest. the captain is supposed to be in court tuesday. it's meant to challenge the naval block aid of the palestinian territory.
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we now have ten republican candidates for president, thanks to michigan congressman, thad mccotter. ♪ now, he did have words to say as well. that's him on the guitar, the american guitar, if you will. none of the other nine candidates kicked of their campaign. here is part of his campaign message. >> through your hard work, and through your principled devotion, a better nation than the one we inherited, have no doubt that we will restructure the government. >> maybe you don't know the
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name, thad mccotter, he is a member of the house financial services committee. he says he will play up his support for the auto industry bailout as part of his campaign. now we turn to michele bachmann, back on the campaign bus in iowa today. made several stops in the state yesterday and we actually talked to her yesterday right here on "live cnn saturday morning", and she has more stops for today in iowa. this is outside the state capital outside atlanta, georgia. thousands of people to protest the state's new anti-immigration law. most of the law went into effect on friday. >> they deport our parents, then who are we going to have to take care of us? we can't take care of ourselves. >> it's the first time that i feel that i have been targeted
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because of how i look. it's very uncomfortable. sometimes i don't feel secure. >> a federal judge stopped some of the more contentious previsions of the law, including a law that allows police to question suspects on their immigration status. florida, people there trying to apply for welfare now have to be screened for drugs. this law also went into effect on friday. now, people who fail the test can still pick up or pick somebody else to receive the kid's benefits, so they are trying to make sure kids don't suffer from this. some call it unconstitutional as well as an invasion of privacy. and now cleaning up. one person killed and another 40
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hurt in wisconsin. some emergency crews and residents spent saturday picking through the debris. >> there's the pontoon. and it's still on the lift. but it came from over there. this really surprised me. >> we had the camper, the boat and truck and all of them demolished. >> let's say good morning to reynolds wolfe now. is wisconsin done? >> they are in the clear for now. so this morning, if you have been in new york, you may have had rainfall this morning. will will see further south in philadelphia, you had rain early and now things will clear up for a little bit. but there is a chance for something redeveloping back in the west. and as we cruise our way to the nation's capitol, it's drier. and then missouri, st. louis, you're in the clear for the time
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being, and back out towards i-29, we see strong storms developing possibly and a halving in sports like maryvale, so keep that in mind. high pressure, right below that frontal boundary extends from parts of the northeast through portions of the midwest and the ohio valley, and that's where you are going to see your best chance of storms. and the daytime heating, it could develop dry air masses. now, along parts of the gulf coast, the situation will be basically what you would expect this time of the year. sea breeze and daytime thunderstorms are a possibility. in the desert, the heat will be intense in many locations. and 91 in washington, and 93 in atlanta, and 87 in miami, and
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back towards the west coast, san francisco, 80 degrees, and it's warm for this time of the year. and then the desert southwest, this is where the heat will be the most brutal. phoenix, 110 expected, and 108 in yuma, and tucson, 105, and that will be blazing. >> you have been covering the weather for 50 states. how much more complicated would it be if you had one more state to cover? >> the more the marier. >> california could be ready to breakup? why some are saying the southern half of california should become now the country's 51st state. it's ten past the hour. [ female announcer ] now at red lobster
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independence day weekend, a live picture here, this is just outside arlington national cemetery, as we know a lot of people will be going to washington, d.c. this weekend to celebrate the country's birthday. a lot of people going down to the national wall to check out the fireworks. wherever you may be, hope you enjoy your fourth of july weekend. we will turn to california now where one local lawmaker thinks it will be a good idea for the state to split into a north california and a south california. yes, a 51st state we would have. riverside supervisor who is from california wants about a dozen other countries to help form a new state. you see the breakdown here on the map. can you see that he doesn't want los angeles in his state of southern california, though. that would go to the north. stone says the state legislature is out of control, and he thinks this is the way to go. >> our state legislature that is
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supposed to be making laws and being respected imposes laws that are not lawful. i think our state is california gone wild. >> i think certainly the spending and the government that we have in sacramento doesn't properly represent the interest of the people in southern, spurtly their spending habits. whether or not that's going to happen, probably not. >> now, this is a possibility that they are discussing right now. it's actually been proposed before, would you believe? it was back in the 1970s where there was talk of splitting california in half, east and west, and then in 1982, one politician wanted to split the state up three ways. and then a man arrested flying with a fake boarding pass caused one man problems. it ruined a vacation. >> i need to be in nassau,
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bahamas on the beach right now. they abused their authority. >> in a round about way, he also blames this man. >> i don't look anything like this guy. >> he got on a plane headed for a much-needed holiday vacation, and custom agents arrived and hauled him away and took him to a room. >> we got the wrong guy, i don't care what you guys do, put him on a truck or whatever, but get him back on the plane. >> lindsay says an agent mistakenly gave him this picture of the suspect, and the agents took lindsay back to the plane, and the doors were closed so lindsay missed the only airtransflight going out.
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>> one of the agents told me i better calm down, and how can i do that when they ruined my vacation. >> somebody needs to be disciplined for this type of behavior. >> let's see a piece of video now. you don't see this every day. looks like something out of a movie. this is in thailand. it's real. that's a guy in the bomb disposal unit, and the bomb goes off, but here is the thing. look at him. he gets right up and walks away. yes. apparently the suits that they wear are effective. they do work. now police say the bomb in the car was actually detonated by somebody who likely was nearby, so they may have just waited to see this bomb explosion expert walk-up to it and then set it off. amazingly, and you can see from a different angle, the bomb goes off and blows him back, and he gets right up and walks away.
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amazing to see. also, another piece of video here. politics, and we know it could be a tough sport sometimes, but this is in the philippines, where the mayor of this particular city just wales on a guy, repeatedly punching a court officer when he ignored her appeal to rebuild a town. the judge asked for a delay of two hours so she could amean yat tensions between the scotters and the police, but when the court office was not going along with it, she took things into her own fists. we're going inside a $70 million wedding. we have the details of the royal wedding of monaco's prince albert's. potential bad news for the bride already. stay here for that. places their summer plans take them. it pays to switch,
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ensure! nutrition in charge! 20 minutes past the hour here, and would you believe that britain's new newlyweds were met by protest when they went to quebec city. they were greeted by onarchy protest in one stop in montreal, and expecting the same thing to happen in quebec city. montreal, the couple took a cooking class, and they also spent last night on a canadian
8:21 am
naval ship. british media now calling it the love boat. the royal couple scheduled to make their way to california on friday morning. we have a new royal wedding to talk about, though. this is a wedding in tiny monaco. >> absolutely beautiful wedding. let's take a look at this magnificent wedding of prince albert of monaco, who is one of the few monarchs in the world that has executive power, and he lives in the palace and his family has lived in the palace since the 13th century. you are looking at the bride and she's walking along the palace courtyard, and if you notice behind her the flower girls with their interesting straw hats, and then this is the palace that they say was taken over in the
8:22 am
1200's by a monk. for 700 years they have been living in the beautiful space. it was a somber ceremony. beautiful entertainment. >> you mentioned this earlier, and it didn't look like a festive and happy joy us occasion. what was going on? >> well, it was fairly somber. there was unbelievable entertainment. you had italian tenor, and rene fleming, and they had a woman calling a click song. so let's go to hear her singing -- >> oh, you have some of it for us. let's hear it. >> ♪
8:23 am
>> can you do that? >> i cannot do that. >> this is the celebration of her south african roots. >> this is the one-time people seemed to jump up and get energy it into? >> yeah, everybody seems to get into the vibe. celebrating the fact that the bride, although born in zimbabwe, grew up in south africa, and she met albert in 2000 at the olympics. she was an olympian backstroke simmer, so they have sports in common. >> i don't want to be the downer here. we know there is history in monaco. there is bad luck, really, with some of the royal couples there, but this one in particular, you and i talked about, there were rumors that she was possibly a runaway bride, and she learned something right before the wedding, and they knocked that
8:24 am
down, but now what do we know? >> yesterday, there were reports that there was a third illegitimate child from albert, so who knows? is it true or isn't it? will our beautiful, beautiful fairy tale princess have to deal with all kinds of other obstacles, and will that curse be upon her? >> hope not. so far so good. and it was a beautiful day yesterday. >> official news of a third paternity suit in monaco. >> yeah, the first two, it was public knowledge. but now, we will see. i hate to end on a low note. it was such a beautiful ceremony. we're 24 minutes past the hour. you know that password to your computer? is it a password? we'll tell you why it's a bad idea. we'll show you how to come up with a stronger password.
8:25 am
8:26 am
well, computer hackers have made it into some big companies recently, like sony, citigroup, and a lot of customer's private passwords went public, but i asked our digital expert for tips on how to make computer passwords harder to hack. >> the longer the password, it's actually better. this is really important. so much identity theft can happen so easily from having the wrong password. researchers found they could crack an eight-character password in eight hours, but for
8:27 am
a 12 password, it would take many years. so go with a 10-character password or more to be safe. >> a lot of things. some of us use letters and numbers. bad idea? >> yeah, because there is only 26 letters in the alphabet, and numbers, you can use it all the way up to 9, and then 0, so use numbers letters and symbols, and upper and lower case, and that matters when doing a password. you have to make it so hard that basically hackers cannot use software to crack that code. the more complexity you put into the password, the harder it becomes. >> yeah, and the harder it's to remember. we have bank accounts, and all this stuff at work and hot mail and e-mail, and credit cards online, bill pay, and how are we
8:28 am
supposed to keep up with the passwords? >> one way to do it is to create sentences or phrases that are similar but different for different services. you may say i love my son, five times his birthday. and take that same phrase and have variations of it for different accounts. that way it's not the same exact password, but makes it easier for you to remember long term. >> we're not going to remember that. you know how many things you log into. you will not remember all these unless you write them down somewhere. can we keep a file somewhere or keep it in our wallet, but come on, you will not remember all that stuff? >> yes, you can remember it, if you memorize -- >> stop it. >> apparently you don't have
8:29 am
enough ram memory in your brain, so flush some stuff out. i would not suggest writing these down, and i know people that do that. you can create what is called a digital wallet. there is k-e-e pass. if you want to to be safe, i would not put a document -- somebody put a document on their computer and called it the password document. that's not smart. >> i have one of those. i am logged on to five different things at work, and there are 15 to 20 at home. that's a lot of words. there's a lot of upper case and lower case, and you're saying
8:30 am
don't write them down. never ever use the same password for all these things. >> because, t. j., you are only as strong as your weakest link. if your e-mail or, like sony play station, you get hit they would have the same access to log into your bank account. >> join us every cnn saturday morning. now our expert checks out the latest technology. on this holiday weekend, what would you say -- you see a plane flying in the sky over a fourth of july picnic and a banner going behind it behind it saying, god less america, not got bless america, but got less america, and we will talk to a man that wants that to happen on the fourth. stay here. ♪
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. all right. we're about the bottom of the hour on "cnn sunday morning" welcome back, i am t. j. holmes. let's turn to our "faces of faith" segment this morning. do you have to believe in god to be a patriotic american? american atheists will tell you
8:34 am
no. to spread their message, they are hiring planes that read a message, god-less in america, and atheist is patriotic. pilots in many states are refusing to carry the banners. joining me now to talk about this campaign is rick winggrove. he is the state director for american atheists. we appreciate you being here. let's start with the base sxikz make sure people have it right. what we're talking about, people don't believe in god, do we have that right? >> that's the short answer, yes. >> we'll stick with that one this morning. so why the campaign? why is it necessary? why did you think it was important to try and get this message out on the fourth of july? >> well, it's an important american holiday. it's kind of a coming out party
8:35 am
for us, and we want people to know that about 45 to 40 million americans are atheists, and we want to use this event to disspell mythology. many atheists are veterans, including ourself. our country is not a christian nation, and -- >> do you really think that people, when they hear atheist they kind of -- i wouldn't say automatically, but still in your mind that equates for them that you're not patriotic. do you get that response from people? >> we do get some of that, yes. part of it has to do with the pledge of allegiance. when the words "under god" were inserted, it became a christian
8:36 am
pledge. then we are excluded. and that is seen to be less patriotic. >> now, people have their own religious beliefs, very strong, and some would take that as offensive, like, okay, you want to believe what you want to believe, that's fine, but why god-less america? >> it's just an introduction to the fact that there are millions, tens of millions of americans who are atheists who do not believe in deities of any kind. and the banners, there are two banners, there's the got-less america, and then there is atheistism. >> do you want people to come
8:37 am
over to your side, or do you simply want to dispel some of the rumors and myths and want to make sure your atheists are patriotic, or do you want to convert them, if you will? >> we're not trying to convert anybody. we're fine with freedom of reflinlgen. it's the religions not for freedom of religion. and chris anti-and islam and any other religion, most of them want belief. our system is more consistent with the constitution. >> and last thing, i know you have run into resistance. you tried, at least, to get people in all 50 states to fly the banners with you, but that has not been the case. tell me what your numbers are and what some of the responses
8:38 am
have been? >> we are flying in 26 or 25 states. we had a lot of refusals in half of the states. pilots refuse to fly the banners, to take our money, and some cited the fear of being shot at and some cited the fear of being divorced if they flew our message. >> we don't want that either, do we. thank you for take the time. something interesting that got a lot of people talking around the news room and viewers as well have been talking about it. we appreciate you taking the time, and you enjoy the fourth. >> thank you, t. j. you, too. >> if you want to leave a comment on this story, go to another state has legalized same-sex unions. this is rhode island this time. they legalized civil unions. it was signed into law yesterday. it will give same-sex couples,
8:39 am
legal perks, but some still saying this is not going far enough. >> we feel that civil unions create a second-class citizenry. >> the bill sailed through the senate last week despite strong opposition. i know it's early, and i know it's sunday and breakfast time, but it's time for candy after the break. and that a big difference can grow from a small budget. for those of us with grass on our sneakers... dirt on our jeans... and a lawn that's as healthy as our savings... the days are about to get a whole lot greener. ♪ more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. make even more of your long weekend with a two-pack of kingsford charcoal, just $7.97.
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all right. it was about 17 minutes and 55 seconds away from candy crowley. you don't have to wait that long, because candy is here with me. how are you? >> good, thank you. happy fourth to you. >> hoping to be up there with you guys in d.c. on the fourth of july, and did not quite work out for me. maybe next time. >> nothing like washington, d.c. on july fourth. you have to do it sometime. >> you have to tell me that now. but, no, good to have you here, but you are talking to senator john mccain here this morning. what's on his mind? >> among others. but, he is on a tour of afghanistan and turkey, and he likes to visit the troops on july fourth. he has been a critic of the president's withdrawal plan, so
8:43 am
obviously we want to know whether he has seen anything there that changes his mind. obviously, john mccain, his bay lou wick has been foreign policy. he has been a strong supporter of u.s. action in libya, and he thinks it should have been more aggressive and we want to talk about that as well. >> can't let you go without talking presidential politics. a lot came out of the president's press conference last week and how he went at democrats and republicans, saying hey, even my kids know when to get their work done. how is this play sng he got the senate to stick around and not take a full fourth of july holiday? >> he did, but the question is are they going to get anything done? the answer is probably not concerning the debt ceiling is concerned. they were not that happy. and there were democrats that i talked to over the course of the week that thought it was a tiny bit of lecturing. i can assure you that one branch
8:44 am
of government on one end of pennsylvania avenue does not like to be lectured to by the white house, but it did make them stay in, and maybe this will give um of those trying to work out a deal on the debt ceiling a little more time to try and come up with an answer. but they are running out of time that august 2nd, the treasury has said again, reiterated, midnight we turn into pumpkins because that's the time they will not be able to pay some of their bills. republicans don't actually totally believe that. they think it's artificial. but nonetheless, that's what is going on. >> happy fourth to you. and she will have a special segment on making it in america. talking about the american dream. candy, coming your way, just about 15 minutes, right here on cnn, 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific time. the white house released
8:45 am
information on just how much the staff is getting paid. the maximum salary is just over $172,000. 21 people are on that list, including the president's press secretary and homeland security secretary. one-third of the staff makes over $100,000 a year, but even more than that make less than $50,000 a year. as you know, the president makes about $400,000 a year. a lot of people thinking about buying a new car. has come up with a list with the biggest rip-offs to listen for. this car is perfect for you. trust me on this. if you are counting on the salesmen to find the best car for you, you probably screwed up already. and sorry, but your credit is awful. that's your fault. if you hear that, you should know what your credit is already. the best approach is have your financing arranged before you
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car-buying rip-off lines at a dealership, and now for the question that could cost you money. what if something goes wrong? you will here extended warranty. most cars come with the warranty for five to ten years for the engine and transmission. you will probably get rid of the car before you will ever need an extended warranty. you buy it, you probably will waste money. and stores are reporting a rise in shoplifting, and there's is being interpreted as a sign of economic recovery. can you believe? t. j., once wall street returns from the long holiday weekend, it will be all eyes on friday when we get the monthly jobs report. they are calling for a gain of roughly 9 million jobs.
8:50 am
the jobless rate meantime is expected to take down slightly but that offeren happens when people stop looking for work and are no longer counted in the unemployment rate. we will focus on retail sales last month, since that's a critical part of the economy. we will follow it on on" cnn monday." and bank of america is paying $8.5 billion to settle claims from investors. it's the biggest payout so far in the 2008 financial crisis. it will go to met life and goldman sachs as hmong others. as a result man k of americans expect to report a loss of up to $9 million. but executives feel it's a major step forward of the bank. investors, they are happy to close this chapter. the latest sign of an
8:51 am
economic recovery, shoplift something back. according to a national retail survey a. spike in stealing could mean the economy is on the upswing. retailers lost billions more in 2010s from theft, than in 2009 during the recession. they believe during tough times, retail employees are less likely to steal, but when the economy improves and the chance of finding a new job improves, people take more risk at theft. are we going to see nfl football this year or not? an update on the lockout next. 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein...
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the "state of the union" with candy controlly is coming
8:55 am
your way in six minutes. but first a check of the headlines today. court is in session with the casey anthony murder trial. closing arguments are set to begin here in just a few moments. the jury could get the case today. the court spokesman said they will deliberate through the fourth of july holiday. also greek police arrested the captain of a u.s. ship carrying american activist trying to sail to gaza. the coast guard turned back the ship called "audacity of hope." it went to challenge israel's sea block aid of gaza territory. cnn will bring you live coverage of liftoff tomorrow. as nasa prepares for the last shuttle launch, we talk to the
8:56 am
team, and it's a special tonight. nfl camp usually starts in july, this month, but nfl players and owners not talking to each other. the lockout could hurt team readiness, and wondering why the two cannot make this happen. here is our joe johns. >> reporter: nearly four months into the nfl lockout and no deal in place as owners and players argue over how to split up $9 billion in annual revenue. >> that's ridiculous. >> greed. >> pathetic. >> reporter: james brown, a natalie known nfl sportscaster offers his take. >> i would like to think that prudent heads will prevail in coming up with something that is effectively is a win-win situation and doesn't alienate your fan base. >> when you look at folks who are dealing with day-to-day issues being cut back to 90% and
8:57 am
80% of their workweek and pay or more, or others losing their job, home foreclosures, one has to be very sensitive to that. >> president obama is already on the record saying work it out. he did it with a little tone in his voice. >> for an industry that is making $9 billion in revenue, they can figure out how to divide it up in a sensible way, and be true to their fans who are the ones who obviously allow for all the money that they are making. so my expectation and hope is that they will resolve it, without me intervening, because it turns out i have a lot of other stuff to do. >> owners say the economic model changed and there is a need to restructure, but with the average career span of a player at about six years, players are reluctant. fans we talked to tend to side with the players, and they say get a deal done already. >> it's a business, and they can come to a win-win situation. i don't think it has to be a
8:58 am
win-lose. i don't. >> i think both sides should just end it and get back to what they do. >> reporter: as for the product on the field -- >> i think the product will suffer is training camps are delayed. and one of the biggest concerns are injuries. if a deal is not reached soon, the regular season will be in jeopardy, and stadiums like this one would go empty, meaningless revenue, which is something nobody wants. >> thank you to joe johns. let's say hello to reynolds wolf. the fourth of july forecast will cooperate for most, right? >> you have family togetherness and a chance to have burned up food, and let's be honest, everybody tries to do the best at barbecuing, but there is the family member that scorches it, but throw on barbecue saws and a smile and enjoy the fireworks. and here is the home of the byu
8:59 am
cougars, don't we americans love explosions? sure we do. i know i do and t. j. is a fan. it's a beautiful time to celebrate this fourth of july. all right. you will be dodging some rain drops out there unfortunately for parts of the mid-atlantic states and northeast. there is the frontal boundary. you maybe will have a rumble of thunder, but plenty of heat in the deserts. 84 in flagstaff. 110 in phoenix. las vegass with 109. salt lake city, very warm with 100. 70 in seattle. 76 in billings and los angeles, 77. and then chicago, 81 the expected high. 98 in memphis. t. j. call your parents, they will have a warm time for the fourth of july. 91 in washington, and 97 -- or 79, rather, in boston. boston, i almost gaveo


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